Who Is One Heart?
One Heart World Fellowship is a group of ministers and ministries who have joined together to share the common goal of fellowshipping in Jesus. The fellowship is made up of many churches, ministries and outreaches who have found men and women of like heart. Many belong to denominations, some are independent. Others have been a part of a group of churches who have worked together over the years to extend the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Some have just recently joined us. Perhaps this fellowship might be what you've been looking to find. A place to ask questions, offer your wisdom and experience and join with others who are more interested in building the Kingdom of God instead of their own kingdoms. How will you know if One Heart is for you?

Answer the five questions below for yourself. If these questions address matters of your own heart, drop us an Email. We'll then send you all the details of how you can be a partner in fellowship with the rest of the family of ministries that make up...One Heart World Fellowship!

The Five Questions....
Do I long to fellowship with a group of men and women who are more interested in helping one another than promoting their own ministry?
Am I looking for ministries who flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, recognize and accept the Five-Fold Ministry gifts, have the wisdom to be of help in time of need...and are willing to offer their resources to all who belong to the fellowship?
I don't want to leave my denomination. I just want to be in contact and have fellowship with ministries who are flowing with the current moves of the Holy Spirit. I would like to join a fellowship without having to leave my denomination!
Am I looking for a fellowship of integrity, sincerity and a ministry of excellence?
Is One Heart really willing to offer me all their resources, help, counsel, conferences and advice for free...or will it cost me everything else?

If these questions have tickled your interest, send us a quick email and find out if One Heart World Fellowship is right for you and your ministry.