The "Helps Ministry" is actually many ministries that help New Life achieve its objective in reaching the community we serve. Ministries included in our "helps" program are...



This ministry offer an expression to the Lord through the dance. Known as, "New Life Anointed Dancers" this group of talented dancers offer their talents for specials, outreaches and in our drama presentations.



New Life is actively involved in the arts. Each year, New Life produces many full evening musical dramas at most holidays and special events.


Food Closet:

A ministry to those who find themselves in a temporary time of need. Well stocked, and ready to serve the families of our church, this ministry helps our families get over the rough spots they encounter from time to time.



These are the folks who meet you at the door and make you feel like you're part of the family whether you are a regular attending member...or just visiting!



These ladies work at the altar during the times of prayer. There to assist those in need, they minister under the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ in helping aid those who come for ministry.


Intercessory Prayer:

A foundation of our church. These are the men and women who are on constant vigil for the prayer needs of our church. These dedicated servants are called to fight the attacks of the enemy in prayer and to under-gird the Pastor and pastoral staff on a regular and emergency basis.


Parking Lot:

These men make sure your day at New Life begins with a smile. There to help aid in parking, they also greet our members and visitors alike.



This ministry is responsible for all the sound, both in the services, on television and for all our special outreaches.They also control all the special lighting for the services, outreaches and musical dramas. Using state of the art equipment, they are able to give the necessary atmosphere to aid in our worship and praise services, as well as our special drama presentations.



Given the responsibility to aid in seating, greeting visitors, offering taking, keeping order and serving the Lord's Supper during the communion service. These are the men that help keep order, safety and security in the house of God.


Visitor's Center:

Men and Women of our church man this special center after each of our weekly services. They are there to greet our visitors and answer any question they may have about our ministries here at New Life.



A group of dedicated men and women that make our weddings a special event for the Bride, the Groom and their families.